Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate Q energy independence

Q Carter said if our oil supply is threatened, we have the right to use military force "Carter doctrine" (Harris)

Strongly supported desert storm 1 under GHWB
He did it right, was measured and brought our troops home
Carter did use that situation in the 70s to double fleet mileage standards and push industry to be more fuel efficient
If we can get from 28 miles per gal to 33 (35?) we would not need any of the oil we import
We can do better than this

Only candidate to offer solutions
Tax fossil fuels differently -- biodiesel, ethanol, some cases nuclear
We must make sure we have our own energy -- second highest national security priority
Low gas prices and people will not conserve
Put in 2 tier profit --fossil fuels higher tax rate -- other alternatives lower

Alan has 5 min left -- it is 7:42

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