Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Don't mess with the bull, young man..."

"'ll get the horns!"
(in memory of Paul Gleason, who played Principal Richard Vernon in "The Breakfast Club")

Yes, these idiots got the horns.

I hope they're STILL in jail! Enjoy the bologna sandwiches, dumbasses!

Spazeboy has the scoop from his'll get to see me being my personable self that everyone loves so much. (I couldn't type that without laughing!)

The Courant reported this morning that four LaRouche singers were arrested in Hartford yesterday:
Police arrested three protesters from Brookline, Mass., Myles Robinson, 23, Hans Wendlandt, 22, and Michael Kirsch, 25; as well as Jonathan Stewart, 22, of Oakland, Calif.

Wendlandt, Kirsch and Stewart kept throwing the paper at people, Deputy Chief Lopez said. When asked to stop, they refused and resisted arrest. They were charged with interfering with police, breach of peace and resisting arrest. Robinson was charged with breach of peace.

Bob Adams, a Lamont blogger known as ConnecticutBob, cheered on the police who came to Lieberman’s rescue. He said the LaRouche group had harmed both Lieberman and Lamont - Lieberman was harassed, and Lamont was unfairly blamed by some onlookers.

“I was so happy to see those guys arrested,” he said.

This video sorta kinda tells the story of one of them:


a.m. said...

Thanks for the info on the LaRouche singers. My husband and I saw them on the news and he wondered what they were doing. I told him, "Don't worry, I'll check with CT Bob - he'll know!" I'm so glad they were arrested. I knew they couldn't have been with the Lamont campaign. Nice reporting (and nice inclusion on the Courant piece!).

CT Bob said...

Thanks a.m.

I just heard (Sunday morning) that they're STILL in jail! LOL!