Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Joe's new TV ad

One of Joe's faithful Kool-Aid drinkers uses a sad bloodhound to find his spot on the ballot.

What he didn't know, what that Joe was driving his car.

(if you don't get this parody, first check out the commercial that plays on the main page of the Joe2006 website, and then check out Ned's recent ad on Youtube. Then it'll make sense.)

Poor dog.


Anonymous said...

what the hell?

CT Bob said...

Ah, you have to have seen the Joe "bloodhound" commercial, and the Ned "insanity" commercial to get this.

Believe me, I've got a few friends who are laughing their asses off at this.

Sometimes you just have to do something that makes YOU feel good. Not everything I write is gonna qualify for a Pulitzer! LOL.

Anonymous said...

is the insanity commercial on youtube?

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I recently updated the post with the link.

Ned_Opportunist_2006 said...

This ad would have been better if they crashed a Lexus convertible, a Mercedes, a Volvo, a Jaguar and an electric Gem.

Good news is next Wednesday Ned can go back to the Round Hill and perhaps reward himself with a new Land Rover - he won't have to pretend anymore.

CT Bob said...

You're consistant, ned_op. That's for sure.

Just like Joe is consistantly in the pocket of right-wing Conservatives.

Has Mike Bloomberg given Joe some extra "street money" to pay off dupes like you? Are you reporting your $100 a day to the IRS?