Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Schlesinger on Lieberman's missing "petty cash"

As I mentioned in the previous article, I interviewed Republican Senate candidate Alan Schlesinger at his Shelton, CT headquarters.

One of my questions pertained to Senator Lieberman's $387,000 in "petty cash" that some people feel might be a slush fund for illegal campaign operations.

Here's what Alan Schlesinger had to say about it:


kirby said...

Now, we need Ned to agree with Alan and to start the drumbeat that if Joe does not come up with the ledger from August, then we have to assume it was street money. Alan has the guts -- now it's time for the MSM to follow up.

Anonymous said...

Great job (as always) Bob and Kirby.

Look forward to seeing you next week at the victory party.

Justin Fallon
"Urban Pirate"

CT Bob said...

Thanks, Urban Pirate! See you there.

mrobinsong said...

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Anonymous said...

It simply amazes me that CT voters would be "okay with this" state of affairs. And don't think for a second that if the roles were reversed that NoMentum wouldn't be pounding Lamont with the assistance of the Courant editorial board.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it's been an uphill struggle all the way.

That's why it's gonna feel so good when we win on Tuesday.