Thursday, November 02, 2006

Live Blogging the Debate

Kirby will be holding down the blog tonight while I'm up at Q-U for the Debate between Ned Lamont, Alan Schlesinger and ...

... well, we know who ISN'T going to be there!

Senator Chickenhawk, that's who. He'll be clucking around the state, pecking at the voters, while two MEN discuss the issues.

Anyway, if you're in CT (or have access to a Russian Spy satellite), you can watch the debate on Fox Channel 61 at 7PM EST.

Or you can tune in here for frequent updates, and the occasional comment from me on the ground at the debate.


Logan Gawain said...

In light of the recent revelations about Joe's street money, someone needs to come up with a quick animated ad. All the animation has to show is Lieberman sticking his hand in to bags of cash and handing out money like Halloween candy. Then the narration reads, "Joe Lieberman has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, using an illegal slush fund of nearly $400,000 to try to buy votes and steal an election. Now the FEC and the IRS are investigating. Joe Lieberman thinks he's going back to the Senate. Actually he's going to jail." Then the animation closes with jail bars closing and locking over an image of Joe.

Such an ad would be killer.

Anonymous said...

just to remind you guys, lamont is running against lieberman, not bush. its funny how often people forget.

Sharon said...

Anyone know if Fox is streaming the debate live like the other debate was? I'm in school in LA and its the only way (other than YouTube) that I'm able to watch