Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sec. of State Final Voter Tally

Press release from the Secretary of State's office today. We have nearly 2 million registered voters in Connecticut:


“This is a magnificent showing by the citizens of Connecticut.”

HARTFORD – Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz announced today that 53,447 new voters registered in Connecticut between the August 8th primary and the October 31st voter registration deadline. Secretary Bysiewicz had previously set a goal of registering 35,000 new voters in that timeframe. “I am delighted that there is so much interest in the upcoming election and that more of our citizens are choosing to register and participate in our electoral process,” Secretary Bysiewicz said.

This impressive number of newly registered voters brings the state’s total population of registered voters to 1,937,692, the highest it has ever been for an election for statewide office. Since May 1, 2006, a total of 86,124 new voters have registered to vote throughout Connecticut. (A COMPLETE LIST OF NEW VOTERS BY PARTY IS ATTACHED TO THIS PRESS RELEASE).

“I want to thank every Connecticut citizen who registered to vote during our fall ‘Shape Tomorrow – Register and Vote” campaign, as well as all of those who have registered in the past six months. The registration deadline was on Tuesday night, and we know that there was a flurry of activity in Town Halls throughout the state that night, because more than 4,000 new voters were registered in the final five hours before the 8:00 p.m. deadline,” Secretary Bysiewicz said. “This is a magnificent showing by the people of Connecticut, and it bodes very well for an excellent turnout on November 7th. I am confident that we will see more than sixty-five (65) percent of our voters come to the polls next week, which would be our highest turnout for a statewide election in more than a decade.”

New Voters Since May 1
Democrat 32,724
Republican 12,666
Unaffiliated 40,307
Minor 427
TOTAL 86,124

New Voters Since August 8th
Democrat 18,263
Republican 8,739
Unaffiliated 26,192
Minor Party 282
TOTAL 53,477

Unaffiliated 845,390 (43.6%)
Democrat 670,034 (34.6%)
Republican 416,767 (21.5%)
Green 1,918 (0.1%)
Independent 1,485 (0.1%)
Libertarian 840 (0.04%)
Independence 729 (0.04%)
Concerned Citizens 226 (0.01%)
Other Minor Parties 302 (0.01%)
Connecticut For Lieberman 1 (0.00000001%)

TOTAL 1,937,692


peter said...

Those newly registered voters in the Democratic column look good for Ned.

In a related development, Democrats Tester (MT) and Pederson (AZ) are up big-time in the early voting. maybe we got something going here....

mrobinsong said...

Democratic Party NOT Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

i notice that the number of registered voters on the CT for Lieberman party is 1, i will assume that it is Joe who is the 1 who is registered. Makes me wonder why his wife or none of his friends or anyone else for that matter didn't register. Just thinkin out loud