Sunday, July 09, 2006

Battalion Chief Adams (Ret.) from Milford supports Lamont

Retired Milford (CT) Fire Department Battalion Chief Richard Adams has gone on record in his support of Ned Lamont for US Senate.

Adams, who served on the Milford Fire Department for 28 years before retirement, has a long history of supporting Democrats.

When asked why he decided to throw his support for Lamont, as opposed to three-term Senator Joe Lieberman, Adams replied, "I can't stand the way Lieberman has been in bed with George Bush these last five years. Ever since 9/11, he's backed whatever the President wants, even spying on US citizens. He doesn't care about Democrats; he only supports his corporate friends."

He expanded on his concerns, "I don't want to see Social Security get scuttled by Republican croneys. I can't understand why we're fighting a war we'll never be able to win. And Lieberman hasn't done a thing to oppose Bush's awful choices for important Supreme Court and Cabinet positions."

Adams reflected for a moment, then said, "Ned Lamont seems to represent all those things about being a Democrat that used to be so important. Maybe when Lamont wins, we'll see other Democrats step up and start acting like Democrats."

...and yes, Richard Adams is my Dad.

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CT Bob said...

That's a real good idea! I'm sure he'd be cool with the idea of being an internet "star". I'll work on it this week. Thanks!