Sunday, July 09, 2006

This'll probably get me in trouble...

...but I can't resist!

Seeing how Joe Lieberman's campaign saw fit to represent Ned Lamont with a fraudulant bumper sticker (there is no such sticker, and the web site on it belongs to the campaign of an Arizonian Republican), I thought I'd have a little fun.

Anyway, today in DailyKos they addressed this issue. A commenter named DawnG came up with a script for a brilliant fake Lieberman attack ad, which is called "Ned Lamont Wears Pants".

So Dawn, here's your campaign ad come to life. Enjoy!


spazeboy said...

You bastard!

I was totally going to ask Ned Lamont my debate question tomorrow, because NBC didn't ask it. YOU STOLE MY THUNDER!

Then again, I may ask him anyway (it was originally directed at Joe).

CT Bob said...


Actually...that question usually works best if it's asked by a cute chick. Like that girl on MTV asking Clinton.

Otherwise it's a little bit creepy, in a "question that one man shouldn't ask another" sort of way.

I'm just sayin'...

Then again, I just spent 10 minutes looking at men's underwear ads to find appropriate pictures for the video, so who am I to talk? LOL

CT Bob said...

Zennurse, definitely keep me posted on when you'll be in state, I'd love to meet you! Thanks for the kind words, and there's lots more pictures of my trip on my sailing blog,

defendusa said...

Maybe he wears nothing at all. You didn't think of that.


ctblogger said...

Oh man, I'm so happy you're back...that was so funny!

CT Bob said...

Thanks, CT Blogger!