Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Joe, the "Fair-weather Democrat"

This video, compiled and uploaded by the ever resourceful and determined Spazeboy is a "must-see". Spazeboy once again makes me feel like a middle-aged slacker by comparison.

And Maura from CT deserves abundant credit for standing up to Joe and asking the questions that most media tends to ignore. For that, she was wrongly labeled a "Lamont plant" and a "harrasser".

I guess it's because Joe has lived in Rove-World (TM) for so long that he sees any attempt to introduce reality into the discussion as harrassment and dirty politics.

...and he wonders why he's losing his base!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Maura. I am not sure where the "harrassment" part comes in, but it seems Joe & freinds are so thin-skinned they can't even tolerate the normal questions constituents might ask. So much for political discourse on the Joe side.