Friday, July 28, 2006

Lieberman attends Lamont speech! the form of a staffer with a video camera, that is.

From this article in Connecticut Local Politics:

"When a woman in the crowd was complaining that candidates like Lieberman rarely come to northern Connecticut, Lamont pointed out that Lieberman was, in fact, there--in the form of a Lieberman staffer who was videotaping the event. Lamont waved to the staffer, to much laughter. The staffer sheepishly waved back."
This beautifully illustrates the difference between the two campaigns.

Joe Lieberman is anxiously keeping nearly all of his appearances a secret until the last minute, and when he DOES appear in public, he has an army of staffers, volunteers, and hired muscle there to keep those pesky voters away from him (which sometimes isn't even enough to stop a determined blogger with a video camera!)

But when a Lieberman staffer shows up at a Ned Lamont speech, he's not only allowed to set up his camera and have access to the event, but is also politely acknowledged by the candidate, in the very best tradition of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Can you guess which candidate will be there for the voters of Connecticut?

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Anonymous said...

It projects honesty and strenght when you actually answer or attempt to answer the questions of the people. = Ned Lamont

While dodging the people and the question and changing the subject makes you look weak and dishonest = Loserman