Friday, July 28, 2006

My boat got painted!

Thanks to the readers of this blog, my little sailboat got painted red. Your generous contributions to Ned Lamont's campaign will make a REAL DIFFERENCE in our nation. After Ned becomes our Senator, other states will back their progressive candidates, and we'll take back the Senate at long last!

Remember, just because the boat is red, doesn't mean you can't still contribute. Between now and the August 8th primary (about 10 days from now), Ned will MATCH your contribution dollar for dollar. That's like getting FREE MONEY (to give to a campaign).

And when people like you contribute to the campaign through my little blog here, it encourages me to keep taping and writing and generally causing a bit of discomfort to the Establishment.

Because it makes me feel like you care about what I'm doing. Which makes it easier for me to drive my 1987 Dodge Aires K car (without a functional air conditioner) to an event on a 90-degree day, and then videotape it and get it up on the blog.

So, thank you for your support!

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