Monday, July 31, 2006

The whole world is watching this race

And to a significantly lesser extent, this blog.

This morning I looked at the Sitemeter stats for "Connecticut Bob". One of the really cool features Sitemeter has shows a world map and where each of your last 100 visits came from.

While the majority of the hits come from the US, there is a significant cluster in Europe. By pointing the mouse arrow onto each dot, it displays some information about where the person is accessing the blog from. This morning I got hits from the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. There are also scattered hits from Australia, Kenya, and Armenia. I probably missed the Asian hits, because it's the middle of the night there right now, and the map only shows up to the last 100 hits. But countries like Japan, Thailand and India have been stopping by on occasion.

What this seems to indicate is the international scope of this Senate contest. I've spoken to several people who live outside of the US, and they see this election as critical for the future of America's foreign policy, specifically in regard to the War in Iraq and US expansionism. They seem to feel that we here in Connecticut have an opportunity to change the course of our nation, and as such, they want to follow the developments here. They have a very real stake in this contest.

The whole world is watching. It's a sobering thought.

Connecticut Democrats, on August 8th let's do our very best not to let them down.


Teesside Dazza said...

Thw whole world is interested in this race. My blog has many postings about the Connecticut Democratic primary. (And a link to your page!)
There needs to be some bloody noses for those who vehemently backed the Iraq invasion and subsequent war. They need to be held to account. Lieberman may moan that the war is the only issue for Lamont (although my rudimentary knowledge of Connecticut politics suggests otherwise) but it's his defining issue along with his chumminess with Georgie Boy.

If Lieberman is defeated I am sure he will recall the words of Dick Tuck when he lost a senate contest in California in 1964.

"The people have spoken (the Bastards)"

Oxford County Liberals said...

I can tell you a fair # of us are watching this with interest in Canada in the Canadian progressive blogosphere.

Brian said...

You bet we're watching. The outcome of this race will have a profound impact on the lives of people everywhere. I'm certain I'm not the only "outside agitator" who is extremely grateful for the work you've done.

Many of us have been painting Ned boats for a couple of months now, but would like to do more. If you are able to disclose the brand of cigar that serves, in your photo, as the "Official Cigar of Connecticut Bob," many of your regular readers around the globe will join you in a "Puff for Progressive Values" on August 8, 2006.

Anonymous said...

Agitprop presents the Lieberman 2 Minute Daily Hate.

Anonymous said...

Finaly, some Americans seem to be realizing now that one of the reasons why the anti-Americanism is on the rise around the world is USA attitude itself, and not solely the enemy propaganda. I've never been anti-American, I've been raised in a pro-American environment, and I've always tried somehow to understand and even find an "excuse" for some USA attitudes that seemed not to be according to the expected correct way that USA had always been associated with. But then it came the pre-emptive war in Iraq, and now this encouragement to Israel to keep on killing and destroying in the same bullying way USA does in Iraq, and it has become really impossible not to feel a deep disappointment. And I have never been personally affected; I don't believe I can even imagine the feelings of all those who have been affected. Worst of all, though I am a really eternal deeply peaceful person and I could never engage in anything that might lead to death and destruction, I can understand the feelings of those who suffer from that American attitude and one day stand up to say "that's enough". And I understand it so well, that I get really scared of how wide and how fast that feeling might spread around the world. When it is impossible to kill all your enemies, you should at least try not to create more; this is getting away out of control too fast. And as in all wars, innocent American people might have to pay again (Sep 11) the same price innocent people from Afganistan, Iraq and Lebanon are paying at this moment. USA leaders should really stop making enemies as if they were able to kill them all. America is a beautiful country and American people is not what USA present attitude is making them look like. I do hope Americans come to realize that something should be done and should be done now, before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I am from Singapore. And I have been following this race since March, barely a week after Lamont announced his candidacy.

I shake my head each time I perceive America taking another step down the road to idiocy. Since 9/11 we have been with you guys, wishing and hoping for a better world. And what do we get in return? Afgahanistan, Iraq and now Lebanon. How do you expects our sympathy with you guys to last if all you see of the world are terrorists?

War on terror? That is America chasing its own shadow.

Take the first step away from lunacy - vote out politicians like Lieberman. Staying the course? What course?

Anonymous said...

From the Netherlands, you bet we wanna know when the democratic process starts functioning again in the US.