Monday, July 17, 2006

Lieberman's lame lying looks less logical lately

Try saying that five times fast!

Oh, and I love alliteration. Can ya tell?

What I don't like are blatant falsehoods passed off as facts. Karl Rove is an expert at this kind of thing, and Joe obviously has a copy of the Rover's playbook.

I'm not going to post the negative attack ad by Lieberman, but I'll post a link to the blog where it gets expertly savaged by our favorite Jedi knight, Spazeboy.

And as Spazeboy suggests, Lieberman's campaign may have stolen the "flip-flopping picture" from my June 19th video, posted here:

Hey Lieber-guys, I want my fat "creative consulting" fee! Now!


spazeboy said...

Despite working in a video store for 3+ years, I haven't seen a single Star Wars flick I liked. But, I know that it's cool to be a Jedi knight, so I'll take it.

Don't even ask what other movies I haven't seen or didn't like, you'd probably kill me.

CT Bob said...

Hey, Luke didn't even know the Force was strong within him until he was taught the Ways of the Jedi.

Be patient, and remember this when you try to make something happen:

“Do or do not...there is no try.”

CT Bob said...

alsobob, correct. That's why we're all working so hard to enlighten all those "low information voters" out there to the true nature of Lieberman.

They're counting on the fact that all those voters will remain unimformed; it's our job to rememdy that situation.

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