Monday, July 31, 2006

Ned is changing minds

Even in "The Nation", the venerable cornerstone of widely-read American views. Via Connecticut Local Politics:

Ned Lamont with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in
New Haven on Saturday; photo by CT Blogger
Lamont's confidence about his ability to win more than just antiwar protest votes is well founded. It's common on the Connecticut campaign trail to run into Democratic voters like Harriet Scureman.

"I used to be against Joe, because of the war and a bunch of other issues," says Scureman, a retired Xerox employee from Norwalk.

"But as the campaign's gone on, I've realized I'm for Ned Lamont. You can't meet him, listen to him, and not come to the conclusion that he would be a great senator."

If a majority of Connecticut voters reach the same conclusion in August and again in November, it will not merely be a defeat for a single centrist senator who supports the war.

It will also be a win for a new Democratic mindset, one that displays the energy, enthusiasm and vision that the party will need if it intends to lead the country out of the wilderness of the Bush years.
From this article in The Nation by John Nichols.

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