Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday night stuff

Well, I was hoping when I got home from a sun-soaked weekend on my boat, I'd get a few minutes to catch up on my email and check out what the blogs have going on.

Of course, at the very moment I unpacked the car and sat down at my PC, the phone rang. DeanFan84 and CTKeith were just around the corner from my house here in Milford, and they wanted to know where they could get a good sunset picture with the "Kiss Float".

Well, I knew the exact place. I told them stop by my house and I'll show them. So I put down my already-warm beer (it was hot today) and walked out of my house at the same moment the "Kiss Float" pulled into my driveway, with the BBC documentarians in a vehicle following them. Here's DeanFan84 taking a picture of the float in my driveway:

This was the first time I saw the float in real life. In pictures, it looks kind of cute, in a silly way. Up close in real life, it's a massive piece of citizen's sculpture. Really impressive and gigantic.

So I suggested we drive to the end of Milford Point, where the parking lot of the Milford Audobon Center and Bird Sanctuary has probably the best sunset opportunities in town this time of year. So I hopped in the "Floatmobile" (CTKeith drove with the BBC boys) and we got there just as the sun was reaching it's most photogenic angle.

DeanFan84 quickly positioned the float for the best shots, and the BBC (along with us) shot a bunch of truly romantic pictures. Joe and George never looked so much in love as tonight!

A new sign graced the RIGHT side of the float (wow, the subliminal stuff is way hidden, eh? The RIGHT side? Yeah? Maybe...?)

Will and James from the BBC (and who graciously returned my tripod head plate tonight, thus proving that they truly AREN'T "thieving fuckers" or "Limey bastards" as I may have labeled them in a moment of creative pique...even though those thieving Limey bastards made me shoot Ned's awesome Westport appearance hand-held because of their quick fingered ways!) taking some lovely video of the sun setting behind "The Kiss". I imagined romantic music playing when I saw the scene.

And here's Ned at that Westport appearance, looking very "Jefferson-esque" with those columns framing the image.

OK, so can I finally get back to reading my email and the rest of the blogs?


Anonymous said...

That sunset pictures is HILARIOUS. My god, it's my desktop background right now.

By the way Bob, how do you feel like CLP doing "endorsements" later this week?

ctkeith said...

Deanfan and I spent the better part of our Day in the Westville section of New Haven (thats where Lieberman Lives).

We did a canvassing of the entire Neighborhood using Lawnsigns as our gauge.Lamont won 32vs 20 which Gives Lamont Better than 60%.

Deanfan Shot some wonderful pictures of the fLoat in Westville and many other important and historic places in New Haven.The should be up soon.

Gary Sartori said...

Ct. Bob, Have you talked to Ned Lamont about the racist golf club he used to be with?? Seems that Ned was a member of Round Hill Country Club for about 10 years, when suddenly, he up and quit this month, because he didn't like the fact that it was an all white country club. Sure seems strange that 1, he quit now, in the middle of a campaign, and 2, he didn't know about this sooner. Maybe you can explain why a member of an all white golf club deserves to be Senator. Also maybe you can explain why Ned, and his wife owned Halliburton stock. It's true!!!! Vote Lieberman Aug. 8th

Anonymous said...

Lord Lieberman is the Dean Scream of 2006

Anonymous said...


CT Bob said...

Yeah Liv, I was wondering where all the blogger support for Lieberman was. It's funny how there weren't any Lieber-bloggers anywhere for months, and they suddenly show up during the final 10 days of the primary campaign.

I guess someone at Lieberman Central finally told their paid staffers to use their computers for something other than online gaming and downloading porn.

Anonymous said...

Think I should send Gary a Lamont postcard? It'd be a hoot, though probably a waste of a perfectly good quarter....

Anonymous said...

Bob, seeing that Kiss float in the sunset makes me almost teary eyed. *sniff* It's darned beautiful man! You're all beautiful! *sniff*