Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm back! (Did I miss anything?)

Hey folks! Connecticut Bob is back from vacation and ready to get to work.

Holy shit! I was kind of hoping for a slow news week while I was on my boat, but I guess that got shot all to hell, what with Lieberman announcing he was going to collect signatures for an Indie campaign (nice loyalty there, Senator), the Lamont-Lieberman debate (thanks Spazeboy, CT Blogger and others for cell phone updates), and today a million-year-old man lost control of his car and ran down a bunch of people, including several Lamont volunteers and staffers (they're hurtin', but they'll recover). Wow! What a week.

Anyway, I'm back. Sunburned and slightly hungover. Joyce and I had possibly the best week ever, together alone on our boat...for a whole week.


I'd like to thank CT Blogger and Maura from CT for filling in with the guest blogging duties while I was gone. Judging from the hits this week, I think I'm going to go on vacation again NEXT week. Good job...thanks guys!

Anyway, tomorrow I'll get back to daily blogging, but for tonight here's a few pictures from our voyage:

Bob getting tanned on the beach.

Joyce looks out over Pirate's Cove near Port Jefferson.

Sunset in Northport Harbor. Can it possibly get better than this?


spazeboy said...

Welcome Back!

Here's what you missed:
Boom Box Parade
Videos from BoomBox Parade
The Debate
Ned on AAR Friday

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, I got here from FDL. I have a question about the Lamont campaign.

How much GOTV work is the campaign doing? That seems to be the most important thing right now for Lamont.

CT Bob said...

Hi phoebes, that's a question I can't answer yet; I've got to look into it. I'll post something after I get the 411 on the GOTV involvement. I'm still catching up on my emails and campaign developments. Been online for two hours today already!

And thanks, Spazeboy!

ctblogger said...

Hey Bob!

Welcome back. Did my best but whoa, it was a long, crazy week!

CT Bob said...

No prob CT Blogger; you did a great job while holding down the fort, and you've had a busy week I can see. Like, REAL busy. Thanks!

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