Thursday, July 27, 2006

Boxer/Lieberman pics

Here's some screen caps from Monday's campaign stop for Joe:

This is in the candy store. BTW, the store is "Sweet Rexie's" at 136 Washington St. in Norwalk (SoNo). The owner, Nanci Lewis, was very nice and wanted some pictures of the event. I don't know if this is what she wanted, but please visit the store when you're in the area and buy some stuff. She came in on her day off to allow us media to trample all over her lovely store.

Maura speaking to a woman who showed up with a homemade sign. Maura, did you get her name? I'd like to give her credit (if she wants it!)

Joe, Babs, and the woman with the sign. The look in Boxer's eyes is kind of creepy.

And I've got a couple of shots that looks disgustingly like Senator Boxer was enthusiastically picking her nose, which I choose not to publish. But I do wish that somebody would tell Barbara not to touch her face (and ESPECIALLY her nose) while in public...the wrong angle could lead to an embarrassing bunch of images floating around the 'net.

THIS is why I said what I said at the end of the video. On the left is Joe Viterelli ("Jelly" from "Analyze This"), and on the right was the security guy who was massive and polite and gentle and could have easily "switched me off" if he so desired.

Thank god I didn't make any threatening motions, like raising my hand to ask a question or dropping to the ground and screaming "Please don't kill me!".

Yeah. Good times.


Anonymous said...

OMG! The Jelly resemblance is amazing. It's the same guy who fantasized about how much he would enjoy poking Lamont supporters with thumbtacks and "bursting their balloons" when I first saw him at the bar in Stamford. Creepy!

BTW, the woman did tell me her name, but I promptly forgot it. I gave her my email address and she said she'd email me but I haven't heard from her yet. I wonder if she knows that her sign was featured on national broadcasts of MSNBC and NBC Nightly News!

ctblogger said...

The guy at the end of the clip is Martin Dunleavy, former political director of the American Federation of Government Employees.

He's an old school New Haven guy turned DC operative who Joe brought back into his camp.