Thursday, July 06, 2006

Debate tonight

Just a friendly reminder that Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman will debate each other tonight. Here are the details:

Time: Thursday, July 6 at 7:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour
Host: Lamont Campaign
Location: WVIT Channel 30 (Hartford, CT)

You can catch the debate on Channel 30, C-SPAN, or MSNBC. If you're in the Norwalk area, stop on by and join other Lamont supporters at the Norwalk Debate Party. For those in the New Haven area, the Lamont supporters are gathering in Brandford so stop by and cheer for Ned!

(Hey ya'll, I'm ctblogger and I'm guest blogging for CTBob while he's on vacation.)


Susan McIntosh Lewis said...


John Casper at fdl says:

Jane, if MSNBC carries this, Ned has already won the debate imo.
If HoJo wants to make this about Iraq, terrific. I want to hear HoJo explain why it contradicts every principle of the Powell Doctrine? I want to hear HoJo “educate” us about what the military objectives are for U.S. forces? Since our OCCUPATION of Iraq and Afghanistan only makes Russia and Iran more dominant in the region, why is it in the U.S. national interest? I want to hear HoJo explain to us why we should pay for the OCCUPATION of two Middle Eastern countries? BTW, it looks to me as though Israel’s security situation has grown more precarious since we started the OCCUPATION. I want to hear HoJo explain why we’re spending all this money, lives, and limbs in Iraq when Osama has still not been brought to justice.
I hope you are part of the team that helps Ned prep. Ned doesn’t have to be perfect, not by a long shot, just breathe, relax and let HoJo self-destruct.

(end of quote)

Anonymous said...

Oh, please! Not another left wing communist that's willing to sell America out for their own ego?
Just stay away from California, we have enough leftist out here. I hope that your pursuit falls far short of your ego.

Anonymous said...

Where can you watch the debate video on the 'Net? (besides the Channel 30 website, where the video breaks halfway) Youtube anyone?

Anonymous said...

Joe Lieberman demanded that the HUD Office of Inspector General investigate HUD Sec. Jackson’s public statements that those who criticize Bush will not get HUD contracts (which is illegal).

Jackson said he did not want that money to be used to “campaign against Bush”. Pay for play at HUD. Jackson doesn't even bother to be discreet about it!

What happened to the investigation - Karl Rove told Joe to drop it? Not even a tiny slap on the wrist, for treating HUD like a GOP campaign money slush fund?

Jackson cannot be allowed to get away with this. He either fraudulently awarded HUD contracts, AND/or he threatened every potential contractor - $upport Bush or I'll make sure you don't get HUD contracts. Gross mismanagement of tax dollars. Waste. Corruption. Absue of office.

HUD OIG's web site states that government employees have a legal obligation to report fraud and mismanagement. Does that obligate Joe to make sure there is an investigation?

And didn't HUD also award a big contract to the limo company that chauffered Duke Cunninham, CIA #2 and certain women to the Watergate Hotel? That needs to be investigated.