Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Voter registration trends

Today I stopped by Town Hall and spoke to the registrar of voters. We discussed how voters are changing parties this year, more than in previous years.

Based on the voting rolls, of all the registered voters here in Milford who have changed party affiliation (since March 13, 2006), here's what we found:

Changed to Republican - 2
Changed to Unaffiliated - 9
Changed to Democrat - 26

So, approximately 70% of the party affiliation changes the last four months have been to the Democratic Party.

I think it's safe to assume that local voters are aware of the need to be registered Democrats to be able to vote in the August primary. I hope that most of the new Democrats are previously unaffiliated voters, because many of them are within the 90-day waiting period for changing from one party to the other.

And I see that nobody has registered with the "Connecticut For Lieberman" Party yet.


Anonymous said...

We are concerned that some of the new Dems are Republicans who are switching to vote for Lieberman in the Primary.

It is now too late for anyone to switch, since the deadline was July 8th.


CT Bob said...

Tessa, yeah, I agree that's a possibility. That's why I hope many of them were previously Unaffiliated, which gives them Party privilages immediately.

I'm glad that there is that 90-day delay, otherwise we might actually see Republicans changing to Democrats in droves to vote for Lieberman in the primary.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way that we can inspect the registration changes to ensure that Republican LIEberman supporters aren't cheating on the deadline?

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