Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm very disappointed in you, James.

Ah, Jim, you've disappointed me.

Why did you do it? Why did you turn your back on the Democratic party's process and endorse Joe Lieberman even if he loses the primary and abandons the party to run as an Independent?

Why, Jim, why?

Is it that you're beholden to Lieberman for some reason?

Or is it that you simply don't like people named "Ned"?

From this article in the New Haven Register:
State House Speaker James A. Amann, D-Milford, said he is backing Lieberman in the primary and will back him if he runs as an independent. "I'm aggravated that some guy named Ned ... is trying to buy himself a U.S. Senate seat," said Amann.


This is your reason?!?

In the annals of political miscues, this may lead the list as one of the dumbest things I've ever heard a politician say, ranked maybe just below Lieberman's infamous "It's just a short ride to another hospital" statement, made in reference to rape victims potentially being denied emergency treatment at publicly-funded Catholic hospitals.

Jim, you're my state representative. I live in your district. I've voted for you repeatedly. I believe in many of your positions. Why are you trying to make it so difficult for me to support you in the next election?

Jim, can we get together and talk about this? I'd really like to know. Email me and I'll come to your office. It's important that you clarify your statement and maybe rethink your lack of support for the Democratic party here in Connecticut. As a "Democrat" you should feel a little loyalty toward the party that put you where you are today.

Because being "aggravated" at people called "Ned" just doesn't cut it, Jim. Statements like that are very damaging and can make you look silly.

We wouldn't want that, Jim.

P.S. - As one swarthy man to another, I should remind you that Milford is home to the Schick razor corporation. They have a wonderful line of multiple-edged products that can do wonders for those of us afflicted with perpetual "five o'clock shadows".

Or you can grow a beard.

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CT Bob said...

I don't know who's running against Amann, but it's pretty much beside the point. Jim's a sure thing, even against a lovable, charismatic guy like myself.