Sunday, July 16, 2006

Throwing Lieberman under the bus

By Salena Zito
Sunday, July 16, 2006

Connecticut's U.S. Senate primary between Greenwich millionaire Ned Lamont and incumbent Joe Lieberman is the race for the epicenter of the Democratic Party.

It is a benchmark for both parties as they ramp up to pick their 2008 presidential candidates.

Democrat strategist Steve McMahon is watching the race closely: "After Aug. 8, we will know if Ned Lamont is an apparition or the leader of a larger storm for the Democratic Party."


When I asked Lieberman about how his support of the war has become the wedge issue of his party, he said: "I know some people disagree with the position I've taken on Iraq. I respect their point of view."


Oh, yeah, and the blogosphere loves Lamont. It's enough of a power-packed punch to send the good Sen. Lieberman looking for a back-up plan, running as an independent if he loses the primary.

Strategist McMahon thinks "the strength of the Lamont candidacy demonstrates the depth of the Democratic Party's opposition to the war."

In short, Ned Lamont is a bellwether.

It's interesting to watch Democrats on the 2008 presidential wannabe list distance themselves from Lieberman. Hillary Clinton went out of her way to be the first to raise the throw-Lieberman-under-the-bus banner on Independence Day, followed quickly by almost everybody else.

You just can't buy that kind of loyalty.
That line about Lieberman saying he "respects their point of view" bugs the hell out of me. He's pro-war and pro-Bush, simple as that. If he truly respected that viewpoint, maybe he should start behaving like it really matters. Joe, you were elected to fulfill the will of the about embracing that point of view for a change?

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Anonymous said...

Lieberman thinks the CT Democrats are going to judge him on his whole record – well, he’s sort of right -- except it will be the REAL record, not the one he’s making up! Oh yeah, Joe, that war that’s going so well in Iraq, well it seems the Sunnis are asking us to stay to help fight the Shiites! So, is this our new mission for the civil war – first come first served?

Bye, bye Joe! Hello Ned!!!!!!!!!