Saturday, July 15, 2006

Side Effects

Disclaimer: Side Effects of Joe Lieberman include dizziness, nausea, sleep loss, worry about the future, death in a senseless foreign war, and constipation. If you're pregnant or think you may become pregnant, you should make sure your health care covers all the expenses. If you're not pregnant, you might become pregnant against your wishes because you may be denied emergency contraception. Joe Lieberman may lead to depression, angst, frustration, hives, joint pain, and definitely NOT erections lasting four hours or more. Consult your doctor before taking Joe Lieberman. If Joe Lieberman persists, you absolutely need a prescription for Ned Lamont.

Ned Lamont should be taken twice, on August 8th and again in November.

For other Side Effects of Joe Lieberman, listen to this new Lamont radio commercial!

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ctkeith said...

And a minimum of one dose a day of Connecticut Bob.

Heres a link I'm promoting because I think it's one of the best peices written to date about whats really going on in CT.