Friday, July 21, 2006

Spazeboy RULES!

Obviously, I was joking when I called Spazeboy "irritating" in my last post. He's not irritating to me at all, personally.

But I'd bet that Joe Lieberman gets irritated whenever he sees Spazeboy's name mentioned.

And I'm sure the phrase "The Kiss" irritates the living shit outta Joe.

Take a look at this fantastic bit of guerilla video, shot at Joe "NAFTA/CAFTA" Lieberman's AFL-CIO cookout. Listen to those Lieber-dweebs cheer when the float is pulled over.

And CT Keith deserves "hazardous duty" pay!

UPDATE: And just so Spazeboy doesn't get a swelled head...

Here's a sweaty shaking nervous wreck of a Junior Correspondant, Spazeboy, interviewing people at the Cherry Blossom Festival back around May 1st:

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CT Bob said...

Not should of seen what I left out of the finished video! I deserve a frickin Emmy for editing because I made him look so good! LOL

Probably after Ned wins in November, I will put together an outtakes and bloopers reel from all my footage. I got a LOT of good stuff to choose from.