Monday, July 03, 2006

Today's Doublespeak Lesson

Joe Lieberman's coziness with the Republican Party does not end with his cheerleading for Bush's failed policies in Iraq, supporting extremist judges and other Bush nominees, interfering with private family medical decisions, defending torture, and contributing to record oil industry profits by supporting the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill.

Joe has also been a great student of Republican Doublespeak.

The best Doublespeak quote from today's announcement that Joe Lieberman will bolt the Democratic Party if he loses the Democratic primary:

"This is an act of pride and purpose and commitment to the Democratic Party."

Leaving is an act of commitment? Wow. Someone had better warn Hadassah to call a good divorce lawyer.

This follows his other Doublespeak masterpiece, that the Democratic primary is a "crusade or jihad" against him.

Leaving is commitment.
Democracy is jihad.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

O'Brien and Karl Rove would be proud. Well, if this backup plan doesn't work, Joe can always run for Senate in Oceania.

UPDATE: You can nominate Joe Lieberman for the annual Doublespeak Award, given by the National Council of Teachers of English to "a glaring example of deceptive language by a public spokesperson". Recent winners include the head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the Bush Administration, and George W. Bush himself. Joe Lieberman would be proud! Deadline for this year's nominations is September 15, 2006.

Connecticut Bob is on vacation, offline and missing out on all the excitement today. This guest post is by Maura, a Democrat from Stamford and a regular poster at MyLeftNutmeg and DailyKos.


Sue123 said...

Maura - what an excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

Maura, here's one: losing is winning.