Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Signs of Change" ad released today

The Lamont campaign released a new ad today that describes how Joe Lieberman was the only New England Senator to support the Bush-Cheney energy bill. It also tackles a number of other issue such as Lieberman and his failure to address universal health care and the failure to properly defend social security.
"Senator Lieberman presents an image of himself that is truly at odds with his voting record," said Lamont Campaign Manager Tom Swan. "This reminds voters that Lieberman has helped kill universal health care, he's voted for many trade agreements that hurt the environment and American jobs, and he's been open to and has even supported privatizing social security."

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Anonymous said...

I'm from the new orleans area and have sent a donation to Joe Lieberman's democratic opponent. I would do the same in Louisiana if someone would challenge Mary Landrieu. Her support of the flag burning law was the last straw