Friday, July 28, 2006

Come and say "Hi!" to Senator Lieberman

During the final, desperate days of Joe Lieberman's doomed campaign, he's finally doing something he should have been doing all along...

Appearing in PUBLIC!

From Spazeboy:

U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman is taking his campaign on the road tomorrow.

The incumbent Democrat, who faces a tough primary challenge from Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, is calling the trip “Joe’s Tomorrow Tour.” Stops are scheduled in Rocky Hill, Meriden, Naugatuck, Seymour, Ansonia, Orange and New Haven.


Tomorrow’s stops mark the first day of a ten-day tour of the state.

10:00AM Pre-tour Press Conference
Lieberman Campaign Headquarters
1800 Silas Dean Highway
Rocky Hill, CT

11:00AM Stop at Lieberman Headquarters
3 Colony Street
Followed by walk down Main Street to the YMCA

12:15 PM Nardelli’s Grinder Shop
87 Maple Street

1:15 PM Sweets and Eats
60 North Main Street

2:00 PM Massimino’s Pizza
70 Main Street

4:00 PM Stop and Shop
259 Bull Hill Lane

5:00 PM “Bar”
254 Crown Street
New Haven

Go forth and meet your Senator. After all, he represents all the people in Connecticut–and he even sat down with me once. It’s your turn!

Of course, you could go see Ned Lamont instead. His schedule of public events can be found here–since March 2006.
Here's an opportunity to see the Senator who so vigorously defends the President's right to invade any country he wants, and ask him a respectful question. And bring your video camera.

Watch out for "Jelly" though...someone claimed he might stick thumbtacks in your balloons. And don't walk in front of Joe's bus...something tells me that the brakes might fail if you're wearing a Lamont button and carrying your video camera.

But if you DO get run over, keep shooting! And get me the tape.

UPDATE! So today is Day One of the "Lieberman On Ice" tour (sorry, but it DOES have a kind of cheesy, "Ice Capades-esque" feel to it). We've established that.

Where's the rest of the schedule, Joe? Are you going to continue with your usual chicanery and keep it a closely guarded secret until the very last minute? Is this just a publicity stunt that you're claiming to make yourself available, but won't release any details until the LAST MINUTE?

Where ya gonna be next week, Joe? Can anyone see you next Tuesday, Joe?

The more Joe changes, the more he stays the same.


CT Bob said...

You don't matter to Joe. Those towns voted pretty much in Ned's favor at the state convention.

He's going to spend what little time he has in districts where he thinks he still has a chance.

Anonymous said...

I have an very promising idea for the upcoming Lieberman public appearances.

Someone from Connecticut with a Bush mask and wearing a suit should visit Lieberman events, in a non-disruptive way, holding a sign saying "Bush Loves Lieberman" or "I Want Another Sweet Lieberkiss".

The guy in the Bush mask wouldn't confront Lieberman or even get near him. It would be very low key, almost respectful performance.

The Bush guy could just hang out by the periphery of the Lieberman event, handing out "The Kiss" buttons and saying: "Stay the course with Lieberman and Bush" or "support my war - stick with Lieberman", etc.

Anonymous said...

I got a call from the Lieberman campaign wanting to know if I could be added to their email list to receive updates about Joe's appearance schedule. Of course I complied.

When I asked if Lieberman would be making any appearances in Westport or Fairfield County in the near future, the caller said no. I think avoiding Fairfield County has very different significance than ignoring Eastern CT, but it does speak to the larger problem of him only going to a few places.

Over 100 Westport voters came to Ned's event Wednesday night, which was actually organized by a 17-year old high school student.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow , tomorrow will be .....

Hey! That photo of Spazeboy with LIE-berman will be a CLASSIC!!!

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