Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alert: Help Kevin Lembo reach his goal!

UPDATE: He did it! Kevin reached his goal today (July 15th) and will file for campaign funds on Friday. Well done, everybody!!!

Candidate for Comptroller, State Health Care Advocate Kevin Lembo, needs YOUR help immediately if he's going to reach his goal to qualify for campaign financing.

Kevin worked for the Comptroller's office under Nancy Wyman for six years; this is a guy who knows the job and can step in and start working from Day One! Kevin's challenger for the nomination is Waterbury Mayor Mike Jarjura, perhaps the saddest excuse for a Democrat that's come down the pike since "Republican-Lite" Sen. Joe Lieberman.

In case you forgot, Jarjura is the guy who arranged a cushy six-figure job for former Gov. and jailbird John Rowland, who spent a little time as a guest of the government in one of our finer prisons. Guess who's paying Rowland's salary? Yup, the taxpayers. Is Mike Jarjura really the guy you want to trust to run the State Comptroller's office?

Visit KevinLembo.com RIGHT NOW and click the "Contribute" button, and use the online form to make a contribution and help Kevin reach the goal he'll need by the deadline in a couple days. $10, $20, $50, or more will greatly help Kevin's chances of reaching the threshold, and magically turning $70,000 into $300,000!

Don't put this off! CT Joyce and I both contributed to Kevin's campaign, despite the fact that I lost my job a month ago! That's how important it is to get a guy like Lembo elected; and equally important to keep a guy like Jarjura away from this critical office. Do NOT put this off, please.

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CT Bob said...

He did it! Thanks, everyone!