Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tort reform as part of health care

OG: Tort reform, for doctors, critical element of health reform, keep best and brightest in the state. Leverage healthcare as major economic driver. Did this at alliance -- important for quality of life, economic driver -- invest in UConn Health Center, coordinate with Yale -- will bring in research dollars, more people will want to go to school here and venture capital for economic future.
MF: As LtGov, I look at electronic medical records to reduce costs. Tort reform key to reducing costs. Depending on year, CT covers 94% of citizens for healthcare costs between HUSKY, Medicaid, etc. National health care reform, only 82%. We need to bring costs down.
TF: Have to bring health care costs down -- sinking state budget. Bring costs down for state workers and retirees -- $4x  on Medicaid -- spending increased while Fedele in office. Tort reform for med mal, electronic records, wellness programs -- could save 25% of costs

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