Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Willing to Reinstate Tolls?

TF: Absolutely not. Reduce govt spending without raising taxes. Will close budget deficit at the same time. Start dialog -- more money = more spending. Avg taxes is 12% -- 1 of every $8. Highest state and local burden of any state in the country. Cut government size.
OG: Chaired CT transportation group. Must take responsibility for our own destiny. Expand bus and rail. Going to have to consider alternative funding sources for this important asset. Look at tolls.
MF: Absolutely not on tolls. Cannot give legislature more money to spend. Special tax does not go to transportation -- in general fund. Move things to transportation fund. Need to be proactive -- governor hold Washington accountable -- for every dollar we send to Washington, we get very little back. Need to get dollars back.

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