Friday, July 30, 2010

Malloy not the "Clean Elections" candidate

In a scathing rebuke to Dan Malloy's ceaseless dirty campaigning, Lamont campaign manager Joe Abbey struck back hard.

Chris Keating reports in the Hartford Courant:
The campaign manager for gubernatorial hopeful Ned Lamont says that former Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy cannot claim to be the "clean elections'' candidate because he accepted contributions from city contractors in his run for governor.

The contributions were made by employees of companies that received contracts while Malloy was mayor. The contracts were for a variety of services, from legal counsel to brush hauling.
While there's technically nothing illegal about this, it certainly smells of backroom deals and quid pro quo, especially considering many of those companies received thousands upon thousands of dollars for their services to the city Dan Malloy ran for many years.
The Lamont campaign manager, Joe Abbey, did not charge that the contributions were illegal, but he said that they undercut Malloy's assertion that he is the "clean elections'' candidate.

"You can't claim that mantle if this is what you're doing,'' Abbey said. "For him to claim that mantle is just false. It's another example of Dan playing extremely fast and loose with the facts.''
Read the entire article via the link above.

By the way, if you click on the link for the old "DeStefano in a Dress" commercial that Malloy released in 2006, be sure to listen to the very last bit of audio:

"I'm Dan Malloy, and I approved this message!"

There's absolutely nothing "clean" about that kind of campaign.


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff!


CT Bob said...

I like your video. Great editing to get so much across in 30 seconds. Well done.