Friday, July 09, 2010

Weekend Reading

Those of you who follow the blog know I am a big fan of Ed Schultz. Unfortunately, his radio program is not on the air in CT -- you can listen online (the Chicago stream is the best) and of course, catch him on MSNBC. An excerpt from his book is now online -- about the health care fight. After having talked with him at some length at the free clinic in Hartford in February, I can vouch for how he was moved at the plight of Americans who are not able to get health care.
"Think about this: During the past eight years, there’s been about a 428 percent increase in profits for the insurance industry giants, while middle-class families have been getting financially butchered and the Republicans want to blame big government!
This is not America. This is not the country I grew up in. Fairness left the building with Elvis."

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