Thursday, July 08, 2010

Why We Need a Transportation Plan

The Texas Transportation Institute released its 2009 Urban Mobility Report and here are the key numbers:
  • Overall cost of fuel and lost productivity nationwide: more than $750 per traveler or $87.2 billion
  • Total amount of wasted fuel: three weeks' worth for each traveler or 2.8 billion gallons total (5 years of the BP leak)
  • Total wasted time: one full week for each traveler or 4.2 billion 
Ned Lamont's transportation plan is here, with analysis by Spazeboy here. Dan Malloy's plan is here. The word transportation appears a couple of times on this page on Tom Foley's Website. I wasn't able to find a transportation plan on Mike Fedele's site, and while Oz Griebel touts experience in banking and transportation, I couldn't find a plan there either.
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    Charles said...

    We were supposed to have mag-lev by now. What happened?

    Kirby said...

    I think that's in line right behind the completion of the Q bridge.