Wednesday, July 14, 2010


OG to MF: What will you do different from Rell?
MF: I will veto budgets based on false revenue gains. I will work with commissioners. They will be able to execute decisions. These things are not decided in the executive office of LtGov. I have partnered with you in many things. As governor, I will have the power to say no.
OG to TF: Transparency -- you switched from Senate to Governor -- textile mill, Iraq, arrests -- will you be transparent?
TF: Thank you for letting me address these matters that have been overblown == by your campaign in one case. I didn't expect highly personal matters would be used as cannon fodder by my own party. I have been transparent and forthcoming. 29 and 17 years ago -- Courant complimented me. These were dropped and came to nothing. Do not call into question my qualifications or ability to serve. I will stop personal attacks on candidates.

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CT Bob said...

Wow, that was an amazing exchange between them! The gloves are off, that's for sure.