Friday, July 16, 2010

Englehart on Malloy

Bob Englehart of the Hartford Courant is very democratic (small "d") in the way he takes shots at everyone. God knows, he hasn't hesitated to parody Ned Lamont on occasion, or any of the Democratic (large "D") candidates here in Connecticut.

Or the Republican candidates, for that matter!

That being said, he nailed it perfectly with his latest observation on Dan Malloy's job claims, with detailed commentary on his blog, Englehart's View. Give it a visit and read up on some of his other thoughts.

UPDATE: Credit Where Due Dept. - Spazeboy did the math quite a while ago, and MattW from My Left Nutmeg followed suit with some graphs and detailed analysis.


tessa said...

I dig the eyebrow action the most.

CT Bob said...

Great eyebrow action. Looks kinda like Dr. Evil.

For the record, Dan doesn't do that with his eyebrow.