Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Q from candidates

TF to MF: If people liked the last 4 years, they will love Fedele admin. People I talk to want change. You're Hartford insider -- why should voters trust you?
MF: When you were in Ireland, not focused on CT. Legislature under D control. LtGov cannot veto. I will sign Americans for Tax Reform Pledge -- I will veto any tax increase. If given opportunity to veto budgets, I would have. Until a couple of weeks ago, TF supported increase in taxes. Not in my plans. I will veto any tax increase.
TF to OG: You're part of Hartford establishment. You focus on Hartford. I point out I'll represent whole state. Will you?
OG: Not a member of Hartford establishment. When I was prez Bank of Boston, worked all over. Worked with Middlesex, Torrington, Stamford. Relationships all over the state -- broad and deep. Know needs of whole state. Will represent all 6 million people.

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