Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lamont discusses small business

Last Thursday, Ned Lamont visited a small manufacturer here in Milford. Data Signal Corporation is a typical small business in Connecticut, struggling to pay soaring insurance costs while making sure their workers remain employed.

Lynda Kilgore, along with husband Gerald Kilgore, runs the operation like an extended family. Their employees tend to work there long term; in fact, their vested employees will get a stake in owning the business eventually (watch the video to see how). Lynda obviously cares deeply about her business and her employees.

Lamont listened carefully to the Kilgores and also spoke with their employees, before offering his observations and suggestions for our state to make Connecticut a better business climate for small business.

Data Signal Corp. manufactures wiring harness assemblies, and is located at 49 Research Drive, Milford CT 06460; 203-882-5393. You can contact Lynda at

The New Haven Register also has a story on the visit.


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