Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quality of life -- population leaving

How to we get college grads to stay?
MF: Make sure there are jobs for grads to stay. Jobs of today and next 5-10 years -- 6 of top 10 jobs of 2009 did not exist in 2005, get budgets in order -- affordable housing, better quality of life, lower taxes

TF: All about opportunity -- young people are smart and go where opportunity is. CT and MI only net job losses -- MI had an excuse. We have exceptional assets in the state -- schools, universities, highly skilled workforce -- lack of leadership and poor policies have resulted in this mess. I'll implement a plan to fix this
OG: HYPE -- Hartford young profess and entrepreneurs to support those right out of college -- I helped put this together on the Alliance -- people can't afford to live here in retirement -- pro-business, pro-job, pro-retirement -- get cost of living down, state taxes, property taxes, health care costs, cost of energy

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