Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Live Blog on Wednesday

Since it looks like I am one of the faster typists in our CT Blogosphere, I will live-blog the Repubs debate among their gubernatorial (and I can spell, too!) candidates Wednesday, 7/14 at 7pm.

And while I am posting about debates, enough of the crap about another D debate before the primary on August 10. There was one debate on NBC30 and it was dismal in the ratings. More people listen in on Ned's telephone town hall meetings than watched that debate. In a telephone town hall, real people ask real questions of the candidate and the candidate is not falsely limited to 90 second sound bites.

CT is so far in the dumper that I find it impossible to listen to 90-second solutions. I want to know what the candidates really think about the issues, and televised debates do little to really enlighten voters. If you want to know who has the best lines and who looks good on TV, have a debate. But, in today's political climate, I would rather listen to long-form answers and read position papers to get the real measure of the candidate.

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