Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How will you keep education affordable

MF: Need to look at funding and how we participate with municipalities. Reward success. Improve our participation in funding programs. Challenge. Most important investment is education of our children. Collaborate with CCM and municipalities to do funding. Find out what needs are rather than mandating and dictating. Bring costs down. Best practices.
TF: Bring cost of education and all govt services down. Need to do more with less. Too many requirements from state on towns that raise costs. Formula allocates funding -- too complex -- nonsensical, needs to be reviewed -- state dollars should go where most needed. Excellent teacher does not cost more than one who is not performing well.
OG: At alliance, cost and quality of education critical. Budget -- if serious about cost control, must keep costs flat. Like Gov Christie in NJ -- sit down with all unions and look at contracts -- things have to change in base compensation and benefits -- we cannot sustain. Cannot afford 169 of everything.

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