Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bpt. locations still open to 10PM

From the Himes campaign:
Due to the tremendous turnout and lack of ballots in Bridgeport a court has ordered the following poll sites stay open until 10 PM TONIGHT. It is absolutely critical that if you have not voted you go vote right now.

I am counting on you. President Obama said on Saturday how important it is for Bridgeport to vote. Please go vote before 10 PM tonight.

JFK CAMPUS, 700 Palisade Ave, Bridgeport, CT
BREADSLEY SCHOOL, 500 Huntington Rd, Bridgeport, CT
THOMAS HOOKER School, 138 Roger Williams Rd, Bridgeport, CT
HALLEN SCHOOL, Division Street, Bridgeport, CT
PARK CITY MAGNET, 1526 Chopsey Hill Road, Bridgeport, CT
READ MIDDLE SCHOOL, 130 Ezra Street, Bridgeport, CT
JOHN WINTHROP SCHOOL, 85 Eckart Street, Bridgeport, CT
BLACKHAM SCHOOL, 425 Thorme Street, Bridgeport, CT
CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL, 1 Lincoln Blvd, Bridgeport, CT
LONGFELLOW SCHOOL, 139 Ocean Terrice, Bridgeport, CT
BLACK ROCK SCHOOL, 545 Brewster Street, Bridgeport, CT

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