Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rell-Moody issues gag order

On Thursday outgoing Governor M. Jodi Rell signed and sent a memo to commissioners and heads of state agencies, ordering them to not communicate with Governor-elect Dan Malloy's transition team members.
"As you are well aware, we are still waiting for the official election results of the Governor's race from the Secretary of the State's office. After an official winner is declared, the next few weeks will be a time of transition for the Administration,"


"If you or your agency staff receives calls or requests from the future Governor-elect or his transition team – even after the winner is officially declared – we are requesting that you immediately direct any communication from them to the Governor's Office. All communications with the Governor-elect or his transition should start with the Governor's Office."
The Hartford Courant reported that this order isn't being well received by the addressees. Many of them possess valuable expertise that they feel will ease the transition to a new administration.

But many point to Rell's chief of staff, the thoroughly unpleasant M. Lisa Moody (photo above...does everyone have to use a first initial "M" around here?) as the culprit responsible for this petty obstruction. Rather than smoothing things over for the incoming administration, which obviously will be Dan Malloy's, she chose to block and delay the necessary preparations to begin the transition.

With the state facing an unprecedented budget crisis this year, wouldn't it be prudent and beneficial to the people of Connecticut for the present administration to do everything possible to assist the new administration?

Apparently not, as far as Rell and Moody are concerned.


Peter Kaufman said...

Let's partition the US and be done with this kind of thing. Overt obstructionist foolishness will become the law of the land in.... Let's call it the Confederacy!... and Connecticut will be a manufacturing base once again in... The actual and future United States.

My thought is to pull a chalk line long through the two end points of the Mason-Dixon line and all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Snap, Done.

Anonymous said...

If Tom Foley has won by 5,000 votes and Malloy was doing the protesting, the Republicans would be burying him in lawyers and lawsuits by now, an avalanche of legal obfuscations.

Malloy is correct by claiming victory and otherwise staying relatively quiet, now that the official tally and ALL (repeat ALL) of the news sources have confirmed Foley's loss.

TOM FOLEY is acting like a SORE LOSER.


Tom Foley needs to concede immediately. Please, show some grace!

CT Bob said...

Snap. Done. LOL

oldswede said...

Need a new bumper sticker:

No More Tomfolery

West Haven Bob said...

Actually, if the situation were reversed, and Malloy was the candidate alleging fraud, the Republican propaganda machine would have swung into action well before now, painting Malloy and the Democrats as seeking to "steal" the election. The silence from ACR on this subject is as telling as it is deafening.

In truth, the election is what it is: if Malloy won, he won; and if Foley won, he won. Partisans had their choice to persuade the voters before the election; but the election is all about the voters.

I agree we have to make certain that (a) the count is accurate, but even more so, that (b) the public can believe in that accuracy.

If we need a REAL recount (not a recanvass, as currently provided for by law), so be achieve the second goal. Until then, I'll withhold judgment until the Audit is completed.

lakezoarian said...

Love that photo, Bob. My first impression, which popped immediately into my head, was one of a huge toad hiding inside a "Human suit." Perhaps I've watched too many old episodes of "Pinky and the Brain." LOL

I can hardly wait for the silly stories about certain keys being pried off the computer keyboards in the Capitol building, or similar nonsense.

CT Bob said...

Probably the "M" keys...