Monday, November 29, 2010

Gov't left the barn door open

(Julian Assange; AP photo)

In all the furor over Wikileaks publishing around 250,000 supposedly secret government documents, everyone seems to be missing the point.

As widely reported everywhere except in the Sunday funny papers, Wikileaks is being targeted by the US Government for releasing the documents. The government has gone as far as launching a Denial of Service (DOS) attack on the website in an effort to hinder the exposure of the thousands of embassy cables and memos.

Some are calling for Wikileaks to be declared a "foreign terrorist organization", as the AP reports:
A key Republican Congressman from New York has a new definition for the word "terrorism" that doesn't require the use of violence or even fear.

All that's needed to be a terrorist, according to Rep. Peter King, the incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, is a website revealing inconvenient information.

That's why King sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder on Sunday, demanding that whistleblower website WikiLeaks be deemed a "foreign terrorist organization" and it's founder declared a terror ringleader.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reportedly has the hugest set of balls in history, because we all know what happens to people who get on the US government's bad side!

What everyone is failing to ask is "how the fuck did a quarter million supposedly secret documents find their way into Assange's hands in the first place?"

I mean, c'mon people, use your heads! If some nitwit with a website can stumble across that volume of secret papers, what do you think actual hostile foreign governments are doing right this minute? How is it this guy's fault, when all he did was bring attention to the fact that basically EVERY secret the US government has is up for grabs?

If anything, Assange deserves a frickin' medal! Because he's doing us a valuable service in pointing out just how shitty our government is at keeping its secrets. THAT'S where we should focus our attention.

Somebody left the barn door wide open, and suddenly they're all pissed off that the horse bolted on its own.

(Oh, and fuck that asshole King Abdullah! If he wants to invade Iran so badly, he should buy a few thousand more of our jets and fucking do it himself!)


Connecticut Man1 said...

How the barn doors were left open... And, much to my amusement, it involves Lady Gaga:

"How 250,000 US embassy cables were leaked | World news |"

"From a fake Lady Gaga CD to a thumb drive that is a pocket-sized bombshell – the biggest intelligence leak in history"

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

But isn't there some way to blame Bush?

CT Bob said...

Are you kidding me, ACR? There's always a way to blame Bush!

Waitaminute...shouldn't I be asking YOU this question about Obama? I mean, after all, he's totally responsible for everything that's going on now, considering he's been in office for 22 months already! Before he came around, I didn't hear a SINGLE Republican complain about G. Bush.

Connecticut Man1 said...

ACR, you have got to have figured out by now that many of us are in this to get at the truth and to get the corrupt and lying politicians out.

And there are, and will still be in the future, plenty of things to blame on Bush.

But the biggest problem is those that sit there and watch their side do these things while completely ignoring it. Their silence is, all too often, their hypocrisy in action.

I liked what Digby had to say on some of these wikileaks revelations concerning the right wing and the media. Basically that they are desperately trying to have their cake and eat it too by deriding the very leaks they are using to discredit the Obama administration with, at the same time.

Makes for kind of a self-defeating pretzel logic. But it is about as consistent as either of them have been able to be in the last few decades because they are what they are.

lakezoarian said...

This is a fascinating news item in so many ways. And Bob's perspective's got some real balls to it too, eh folks? He's cheering on something the White House Press Secretary is calling a Crime! Well, I for one, agree with CT Bob.

One of the most interesting things about it for me was the discussion about "How did this stuff get out?" Bob wrote:

~~What everyone is failing to ask is "how the fuck did a quarter million supposedly secret documents find their way into Assange's hands in the first place?" ~~

Last evening I was listening to "All Things Considered" on the car radio, and this shit was their top story. But part of it made me nearly spit out my coffee all over the dash in surprise- they started talking about a whole 'nother set of toobz as the source of the leaks!!! Big whoah! Here's the two-minute section (it's a audio player):

Does anyone else know anything about SIPRNET?
...TWO million users???