Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Death of the Tea Party in Connecticut

(photo credit Al Robinson)

After all the noise, and the bullying, and the bullshit generated by Tea Partiers in Connecticut over the last two years, what exactly do they have to show for it?

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Jack squat.

EVERY single national and constitutional seat in Connecticut was won or retained by a Democrat. Well, the Governor's seat is still undecided, but it's looking dicey for Foley at this point. And if the ballot situation hadn't gotten screwed up in Bridgeport, Malloy would have won already.

So what did all the screaming, hatred, and bigotry gain you guys? What did shouting down Congressmen at open town hall meetings get you?

Fuck all, is what! Not a single thing...

...except for...well, now you're officially a joke!

I hope it stings.

I'm sorry to engage in a little schadenfreude this morning, but I think you finally need to face this unpleasant truth about yourselves:

Your extreme politics don't play here in Connecticut. It's time to reevaluate your priorities, fellas.

Well done, "FreedomWorks"! Keep spending your money here, it's helping our Democratic economy!


carterman said...

Dear All the elderly TP jokers that I saw nearly every weekend for weeks standing out in the street,

You wasted your time.

lakezoarian said...

Well done, Bob, for this post and also the ones below it. I thank you.

Now, to be a bit of a "Polyanna," I think that these folks were just gullible and formed their opinions from media originating from the "wrong" sources. They didn't know that they were being used... We didn't get this kind of thing when it was the Cheney regime, and those are the folks that really deserve it. Instead of a modern day Nuremburg trials, we got even more psyop from the M.I.C.

Now is a good time for them to come around. It will be interesting to see where things go from here. But I'm sadly not optimistic about it until we find a way to get the spooks under control.

O/T, but the "Building What?" ad begins to air today down in NYC. You can watch it here:

It is appearing over 350 times from now to Nov. 10. thanks to all the concerned folks that contributed the funds to cover the cost. And there are now over 1,300 professional architects and engineers willing to stake their professional reputations on this. Their site is here:

vagabondblogger said...

Oddly, I happen to be in a part of the state where McMahon and Foley would have won. Why should I be surprised - this is a town that voted against a badly needed new library (which would have benefited the whole community), but threw in total support for a new senior center (benefiting a few.) All the polls say the seniors were the essential votes in getting the Republicans back in power, and I'm guessing they don't care to read that much either (at least not up here in my area). So glad the rest of CT went blue!

oldswede said...

How long will it be before the TB horde realizes that the real Republican party considers them useful idiots? If the billionaire patrons of the TB will get what they want, tax breaks and the dismantling of regulatory entities, then the TP will have outlived that usefulness and be out in cold. Who will they turn their rage on then?
Boehner will have the excuse of controlling only one house of a divided Congress and having a Democratic President to blame for inaction, but the TP will tire of that song damn quick. What next?

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Great picket sign photo, Bob! I'm grabbing it for future use!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Hey Bob, can you help me out on rescuing this sailor lost on his own political sea? Please see my (3rd) comment on this thread and throw something else on the pile? He needs a lot of help! Thanks!

CT Bob said...

It looks like you're covering it well yourself, Doc.

Please credit that awesome photo to Al Robinson of please. He's a friend and an amazing blogger.