Friday, November 26, 2010

New Malloy website and Black Friday

Thanksgiving bonus! Two articles in one!

First of all, I ventured out into the "black Friday" shopping madness this morning. Certainly not as early as those dummies in the photo below. I awakened from my turkey coma around 9AM this morning, and only went shopping after having a leisurely breakfast with CT Joyce that included eggs, coffee and a Bloody Mary (the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!)

So I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of LED light strings to replace all those old fashioned bulb light strings that always have a section in the middle that refuses to light up regardless of how many goddamned bulbs I replace! $1.98 for an 18' string of 50 LED lights seemed like a good deal (while supplies last!) Checkout at the self-service register was quick and painless.

Then I went over to Ocean State Job Lot, but didn't find what I was looking for (an outdoor timer for my mom-in-law's lights) and the checkout lines were super long anyway, so I went home.

So I survived Black Friday, because I'm definitely not going shopping again today (unless I run out of vodka.)

Next up, Gov-elect Dan Malloy launched a new "transition" website to listen to constituents. The website is at

This website is a marked contrast to the website that Tom Dudchik over at Capitol Report started recently, which invites a question as to Dudchik's motivation for starting it:

(Trust me, you should click on the image to enlarge)

Just in case you're not sure who created this website, here's a little Easter egg at the bottom of that page:

Hmmm...suddenly Dudchik is all like "whoa, we gotta tell Dan what to do!" when just a month ago he was all like "whoa, Jodi is doing a super-awesome job!".

(For the record, I have no idea what Tom Dudchik talks like, but I'd guess it's probably not very much like the imaginary "surfer dude" voice I'm parodying here...then again, who knows? I never met the dude.)

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