Friday, November 05, 2010

Foley gets results of vote tally

In this exclusive video, you see Tom Foley receiving the bad news from Mayor Bill Finch after the final count was completed today.

Wow, Mr. Mayor, that was a little harsh!


oldswede said...

Anybody know if there is a video of Dick Cheney telling America to "Get over it", about the 1999 election?

West Haven Bob said...

Actually, I think it was Scalia, talking on "60 minutes" in re Bush v Gore who said that...though I could be wrong.

oldswede said...

Yeah, Nino said it to Leslie Stahl. Thanks for that. It was getting frustrating because my search for Cheney and "Get over it" was bringing up tons of hits that didn't help. I finally figured out that there was a book called We Will Not Get Over It: Restoring a Legitimate White House by Jackson Thoreau that has a lot of stuff on Cheney. Ergo, all those hits.

Charlie R. said...

Tom Foley is embarrassing the whole state of CT on national television.