Thursday, November 04, 2010

Vote count update

A few things here:

The Associated Press has corrected its New Haven numbers, now showing Malloy with a 4,240 lead over Foley. But the Bridgeport numbers only have 15 out of 25 precincts reporting, so there's still some issue with getting the Bridgeport votes tallied.

I just received word that Bridgeport is recanvassing starting at 1:00PM today. No idea why. Susan Bysiewicz postponed a noon press conference to later this afternoon. Possibly to allow Bridgeport to get the final numbers in.


aldon @ orient lodge said...

The Courant writes:

"Adding to the controversy, Foley released a statement Thursday afternoon asking Bysiewicz to postpone any announcement of election results until after discrepancies with his campaign and the media are resolved."

As of 1:30 PM, the AP has Malloy up by 6240 votes, with ten Bridgeport precincts not reported. There are some reports that Bridgeports numbers may be over stated by 3500. However, even if that is the case, Dan still wins by a large enough margin to not require a recanvas.

Somehow, I expect that the Bridgeport numbers will come out better for Dan, and we'll find additional issues with the AP's reporting.

CT Bob said...

Susan's planning a presser for sometime after 3PM today. I expect we'll hear from the rest of those Bpt. precincts, and I agree that Malloy will likely win by a safe margin. I hope Christine will be live-videoing the event!