Wednesday, November 03, 2010

While we're waiting on the Gov results...

It's time for some shout-outs to the winners!

Congratulations to Dick Blumenthal for a solid race against a ridiculously wealthy opponent who wasn't afraid to spend $50,000,000 to buy the seat.

For Congress, we had a second clean sweep in the row! Chris Murphy, Rosa DeLauro, John Larson, Joe Courtney, and Jim Himes all won again. Way to go, folks!

Congrats to George Jepsen, our new Attorney General! George has some big shoes to fill following Dick Blumenthal, but I know that he's a dedicated and competent guy and he'll do a great job.

Congrats to Denise Merrill for winning the Secretary of State's office. I'm sure we'll be served well by her, especially if we can convince her that same day registration DOES work, as well as early voting. Just look at how other states deal with it, and she'll have a golden opportunity to build a system in Connecticut that will make us a shining example of democracy.

Congrats to Kevin Lembo, our new Comptroller! Kevin is far and away the easiest choice for this job, and I'm happy that Connecticut voters agreed.

Congrats to Denise Nappier for continuing to be our State Treasurer. Her competence and experience will serve our citizens well over the next four years.

And here in Milford, we also had a clean sweep. Gayle Slossberg won reelection to her Senate seat, as did Probate Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas, and State Reps. Dick Roy and Paul Davis won.

And newcomer Kim Rose rode a wave of support to a big victory right here in the 118th; my district and the seat formerly occupied by outgoing Rep. Barbara Lambert, and recently retired from politics Former Speaker Jim Amann. We loves our Dems here in the 118th! Great job by Kim and the Milford Democrats, who did tremendous amounts of phone banking and door knocking to ensure a Democratic sweep here in good ol' Milford!

Regardless of what happened nationally, I'm very happy to wake up as a Democrat this morning! My minuscule contribution to the cause pales in comparison to what the truly dedicated and hard-working Democrats who really made the difference did this year. I'm proud of all of you.

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Anonymous said...

You Love your Dems???? Are you kidding me. Your Dems are the ones that got the State of Connecticut into this budget mess with their spending and you love your Dems so much that you want them to continue so we can go bankrupt? What is wrong with you?