Monday, November 15, 2010

Krayeske seeks to question Rell

Ken Krayeske, activist, journalist and newly-minted attorney, has taken steps to compel outgoing governor M. Jodi Rell to answer questions regarding the "secret list" she allegedly gave to police of persons to arrest should they show up at her 2007 inauguration parade.

To refresh your memory, here's my interview with Ken soon after his arrest:

The Hartford Courant has an update on Ken's battle with Jodi Rell:
Political activist and freelance journalist Ken Krayeske filed a motion in federal court Friday in his effort to question Gov. M. Jodi Rell under oath as part of his lawsuit against a Hartford police officer who arrested him at Rell's inauguration parade in January 2007.

"Governor Rell's first-hand knowledge of her experience at the parade will corroborate Plaintiff Krayeske's claim that he did not enter the parade route, and that the false arrest was a result of his protected speech activities," Krayeske's lawyer, Houston Putnam Lowry, said in the motion.

It seeks an order by U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill allowing him to take testimony from Rell in a deposition after she leaves office Jan. 5.

The attorney general's office is expected to file a counter-motion within weeks, before Underhill decides whether he'll permit the unusual deposition, which was sought by Krayeske in an April subpoena.
The Courant article goes on to discuss Krayeske's political activities, including a run for Congress as the Green Party candidate in the 1st CD, and his new career as an attorney.

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lakezoarian said...

That guy's a legend to me. If we had more like him in politics, we'd actually have a chance to throw off the "deep politics" that is causing such madness, death and destruction...

Somehow I doubt we'd ever hear stories about him speaking at the CFR, or receiving the blessings of Shimon Peres. Nor would he be seen climbing aboard the bizjets of Monsanto or Goldman Sachs, etc.

At least now he's safe. It would be such a shame to find him in a situation like Paul Wellstone... "Fusion Centers" are small potatos compared to ? (I dare not write it)

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