Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Today is the day

Woohoo! We just have to get through today, and then all the craziness is over!

...and then a new kind of craziness will take it's place. The craziness of a GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

Unless every Democrat gets out and votes today.

Here in Connecticut, there's a distinct possibility we may end up with a Governor who has a record of destroying towns through buying and bankrupting factories; a couple Congressmen of disreputable character; and a Senator who's a nightmarish joke.

Unless you vote, and you remind everyone you know to vote.

Because if you don't, we'll all blame you if we don't like what happens!

I'll be blogging around Milford most of the day, and then reporting from Jim Himes HQ at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn. Join me tonight for frequent updates as the returns come in.


Headless Horseman said...

Dammit Bob! Where's your picture of the new voting machines? Don't you know that Secretary "Sledgehammer" smashed all these old clunkers to bits after Dade County?

Be well today. I think you're going to need a stiff drink after 8:30PM.

Mua ha ha ha ha!

lakezoarian said...

Those old lever machines sure do make a more interesting photo than the nondescript little optical scan box my town is using now. I used to love the nice "DING" sound when I threw the lever across. Now I look at the little slot my card went in...

Realistically speaking though, having those cards, if there could be a clean chain of custody of them, actually makes it possible for the vote to be counted by hand, compared to the old method.

And as we learned from the New Hampshire primary recount (Clinton vs. Obama), that's where the shenanagins begin.

CT Bob said...

yeah, I really miss that satisfying "ka-CHUNK (ding!)" sound when you slam the lever back over!

I wanted to buy one of our surplus voting machines, but someone in the city decided it was better to store them in a forgotten basement somewhere until they rust and fall apart.