Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fear wins the day!

We've officially lost the "War on Terror", since we now have to basically strip-search children.

The goal of terrorism is to create such fear in a nation that they can't continue to operate normally. The terrorists have won!

Let's just all give up and learn how to speak Muslim.

Because, it ain't bombs that's doing it...we're doing it to ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Crazy world we live in. The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

Got to love the corporatist state we've become.


Anonymous said...

I do have a perverted solution to this though. When a TSA agent begins the search begin to moan loudly kind of like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. Probably get arrested though.


CT Bob said...

Ha! Yeah, it could end very badly for the person being searched.

Although, if a friend has a video camera, it'll definitely go viral!

lakezoarian said...

Here's a page where you can do something about it (although it's just an on-line Petition):

Sweet because this is form Bob's original source of inspiration- FireDogLake!

That blog just gets better and better.